How Soon Should We Book Our Party?

Pre-book in advance. Weekends fill up fast. First come-first-serve basis. Call during business hours to book your party and we will walk you through the process and what to expect.  Last Minutes Calls are OKAY as well.

Where Can The Dancers Perform?

Dancers must be in a secluded area, closed from the public. Private homes or hotels are the best for the dancers to perform in. Dancers will not perform outside in dirty areas (no garages, backyard or tents). If you want the BEST dancers, have the BEST area for the dancers to perform in.

How Do We Tip The Dancers?

Dancers take cash ONLY. Make sure to have at least a minimum of $100-200 per guy for the show (for lap dances, triple X toy show, etc.)

 *The more money, the better the show!

How Old Do Guests Have To Be?

Guests must be 18+ to order dancers and for dancers to perform.

Can We Take Photos of The Dancers?

No. Pictures are NOT allowed during the performance. The dancer or dancers will go over the rules of the show once they arrive.

Please be respectful of the dancers and treat them how you want to be treated.

NO refunds on shows or services.